Our Travel Tin Soy scented wax candles are made of 100% All Nautural Soy wax, come in 11 differents scents to choose from, with our crackling wooden wicks, that add a extra bit of elegances and ambience to any space of your home or office. Our wooden wicks have a slight crackle sound when the candle is burning.


Each candle comes in a metal tin with a lid. Perfect travel size.


Candles come in 2 sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz Travel Tins. All candles are sold by weight, not by volume.


Pearberry Type - Sage Green Color, made with a sweet and fresh blend of juicy peaches and ripe, tart berries. Great for the Summer!


Volocano Type - Blue Color, Take on the day with confidence. Our Volcano (Type) Soy Candle is one of our "Top Sellers." This candle is very vibrant and bold, it features the energetic notes of currants and citrus zest surrounded by Sweet Pineapples, Strawberries and Raspberries. You will want to take this with you everywhere!


Peach Nectar - Our Peach Nectar Soy Candle is one of our #1 Seller's. It is an aroma of fresh ripened peaces blended perfectly with a hint of the tropics create this rich, sweet, sultry scent. With undertones of Mandarin and Raspberry, a hint of Coconut and Violet add a delicate tripical essense to this soy scented candle.


Honeysuckle - This Honeysuckle soy candle smells like a fresh ozonic Honeysuckle blend of with hints of Jasmine, Rose, and Lilac. This soy scented candle will awaken your sences no matter where you encounter it.


English Garden - Be swept away to a garden exploding in full bloom with our fresh, botanical English Garden fragrance. This Soy Scented candle features subtle notes of green florals combined with a heart of lilac, rose, and jasmine.


Magnolia + Peony - Our Magnoia + Peony is a delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this scented soy candle captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia. Base notes of powder and wood wrap up this complex bouquet with a clean, graceful finish.


Lilac - Our Lilac Soy Candle will have you thinking that you are standing next to fresh lilac bush in full bloom! This is one of our top-selling flower scented soy candles, it will bring the freshness of spring into your home any time of the year! Our customers often say how "realistic" this soy candle is.


Hibiscus Palm - Retreat to a misty rainforest with Hibiscus Palm, a lush, botanical fragrance. Seductive jasmine and ylang ylang give way to a heart of dew-drenched palm fronds and bamboo. Geranium and plumeria intensify the freshness of this floral scent. A touch of powder and sandalwood in the base provide a beautiful balance to the heady bouquet.


Grapefruit & Mint - Our Grapefruit and Mint is a super refreshing and sophisticated summer scented soy candle. It starts with ripe, tangy Grapefruit fused with garden-fresh mint. Hints of Lavender and Rhubarb that add depth and complexity to this Soy Candle. The Citrus essential oils enhance the bold scent of the Grapefruit, while Mint, Thyme, and Bergomont essential oils give it a herbal counter to the punchy, juicy grapefruit.


Mint Mojito - Is cool, fresh, and invigoraing, our Mint Mojito scented soy candle is a true verison of the classic Mojito cocktail! This soy candle fuses notes of freshly muddled mint with tropical undertones of Pineapple, Lime, Sugercane and Rum.



Lemon Verbena - Yellow Color, Our Lemon Verbena Soy Candle is a refeshing blend of lemon and floral verbena combined in this uplifting citrus delight make this one of our "BEST" sellers! The candle begins with bright lemon that gives way to a heart of Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass. A Vanilla base note grounds this beautiful herbal citrus scent.

Made In, Creston, WA using 100% Natural Soy Wax for an ECO clean burn.

Each candle is made with a wooden wick and Phthalate Free Fragrance.

6.5 oz 67+ Hours Burn Time
12 oz 70+ Hours Burn Time

Wooden Wick Travel Tin Candles

  • Trim wick to 3/16" before lighting every time.  Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.  Only burn candle on level, fire resistant surface.  Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time.  Stop using when only 1/4" of wax remains.


  • Burn within sight.  Keep away from flammable objects.   Keep away from children and pets.